High Power LCOS model SLM-300 (:504KB)

Santec's spatial light modulator (SLM) is based on reflective liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) micro-display technology. The Santec SLM-300 high-power LCOS based spatial light modulator holds the world record for high-power durability up to CW 200 Watts. The SLM-300 has 100 times higher power durability when compared with Santec's conventional SLM product, the SLM-200. SLM-300

  • High Power-durable LCOS based SLM
  • High Phase Resolution 10-bit (1024) Gray Level
  • Ultra Low Phase Noise ~0.002πrad
  • Laser processing
  • 3D printing
  • IC trimming
SLM-300 Specifications
Operating wavelength range 532, 800, 1064 nm
Panel size (H)15.36 x (V)9.60 mm Active area
Pixel resolution (H)1920 x (V)1200 pixel
Pixel size / pitch 7.8 / 8.0 μm
Panel reflectivity Typ. >80 % Depending on specied wavelength range
Aperture ratio 95 %
Gray level 10 (1024) bit
Phase depth 2π rad.
Phase stability Typ. 0.002 πrad.
Response time Typ. 200 ms
Signal format DVI* / USB3.0 *10-bit using RGB 8-bit, 3 colors
Operating temperature range 15 35 degC
Storage temperature 0 40 degC
Optical power handling 200 1) W/cm2 CW
Dimensions 122 x 122 x 38.3 mm
Control software GUI software for Windows
Water flow 1 ~ 2 L/min 15 ~ 25 degC
Water inlet and outlet Water hose Dia. inner 10mm, outer 12mm

1) The value is not guaranteed.

Wavelength option

Wavelength option