1.7μm High speed Scanning Laser for SS-OCT

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OCT Image

Medical Application
HSL-40High speed scanning laser at 1.7μm can realize deeper penetration into tissue such as arterial wall due to low scatter.
It also affords the possibility of Spectroscopic OCT that can further differentiate calcified and lipid rich plaques.
Non-distructive testing
HSL-40Non-destructive testing is one of the key function in product quality control. In-line inspection to detect Void, Crack, Delamination and Defects can be realized by using OCT. HSL-40 delivers fast and accurate measurements with enhanced imaging depth thanks to low scatter at its operating wavelength, 1.7μm.

University of California, Irvine (UCI) has published first paper using our 1.7micron swept source.
Shows promise for cardio-OCT: “significantly improved imaging depth and better identification sensitivity” when compared to 1.3micron imaging.




1.7μm High speed Scanning Laser









  • Center wavelength: 1700nm range
  • Wide scanning range : 140 nm
  • High optical output power : 45 mW
  • Coherence length: > 10 mm
  • High speed scanning : 90 kHz
SS-OCT system
with 1.7μm High speed Scanning Laser




Optical performance of HSL-40


Parameter Unit Spec.
Main scan rate kHz 90 +/- 0.1
Maxiumum optical output power mW ≥50
Center wavelength nm 1665-1725
Scan range nm ≥135
Coherence Length mm ≥10
Duty cycle % ≥40