Mid-IR High Speed Wide Scanning Light Source, ISL-90


Santec's new product, ISL-90, is a Mid-IR (3.3μm) High-Speed, Wide-Scanning Light Source based on unique optical technology. This wavelength range is very useful for detail analysis of absorption spectrum of CH, NH and OH radicals that need to be monitored in various industries, because these radicals have strong absorption peak in this region. The linewidth of this light source is less than 0.1pm thanks to the single mode lasing across the whole scanning range and reputation rate is selectable from 5kHz to 200kHz.


  • High Spectral resolution:< 0.1 pm ( < 0.0001 cm-1 ) * HWHM
    Rotation spectrum can be measured with this narrow line width tunable laser.
    Detail monitoring of specific spectrum pattern of each gas enable simultaneous
    detection of multiple gases from mixed gas.
  • Wide wavelength scanning range:3200 to 3400 nm (2941 to 3125 cm-1)
    Various gases, especially multiple Hydrocarbons, are covered with this wavelength range.
  • High refresh rate: 5 to 100 kHz ( 2 to 40 nm /μs )
    High scanning speed allow us to analyze dynamic phenomenon, such as transient gas
    condition in an engine.
  • High robustness
    Robust design with less mechanical parts realized portable equipment that is shock
    and vibration resistant.
  • Effective to reduce the operation cost.
    No consumables necessary, such as carrier gas or liquid Nitrogen.
  • Separated probe head
    Reasonable configuration for flexible system design.

Principle of TDLAS


Measurement results of typical Hydrocarbons